Infection Control and Biosecurity in Veterinary Medicine

The health and safety of animals has never been more important. During lockdown conditions, people have come to depend on their companion animals more than ever. So, it can be distressing to exclude human caregivers from the veterinary office.
By providing a safe way for staff, guests and pets to interact, overall quality of care and positive outcomes improve.

Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) contamination and transmission. Use PPE and clothing treated with Vira-X virablock hygenizer.

Vira-X viroblock hygenizer is a new technology that can be added in the laundry or to the manufacture of textiles and materials used in PPE to deactivate Coronavirus on contact. As well as a host of other viral and bacterial pathogens. For those working as vets or nurses, it can be applied to uniforms and PPE such as masks, gloves, aprons, gowns, visors and contact points. The technology is so adaptable it can also be applied to a wide variety of other critical environments to keep support workers safe, for example, curtains and bed linen, it can even be applied to carpets and soft furnishings.

And it is equally effective in deactiviating a number of other viruses and bacteria, including strains of influenza and MRSA. Wearing PPE, uniforms or clothing made with Vira-X viroblock hygenizer reduces the risk of contamination and re-transmission of coronavirus, significantly improving the safety of support workers and those they assist.


Parvovirus is a nasty virus that attacks the intestines causing severe vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration in dogs. It’s very contagious and spreads in poo particles. Unvaccinated puppies, less than 6 months old, are particularly prone to parvovirus infections and often get the most severe signs.
Fortunately you can protect dogs and humans from this virus by treating all surfaces and PPE with Vira-X viroblock hygenizer.