Infection Control and Bio-security in Dental Medicine

The health and safety of dentists, nurses and support staff working in dental practices, as well as patients and visitors, has never been more important and the use of effective PPE is critical to ensuring a continued safe working environment.

Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) contamination and transmission. Use PPE treated with Vira-X viroblock hygenizer.

Vira-X viroblock hygenizeris a new technology that can be added to the manufacture of textiles and materials used in PPE to deactivate Coronavirus on contact. For key hospital workers it can be applied to Level 1 and Level 2 PPE such as masks, gloves, aprons, long sleeve gowns, visors and FFP3 respirators. Wearing PPE incorporating Vira-X viroblock hygenizerreduces the risk of contamination and re-transmission of Coronavirus, significantly improving the safety of key workers and their patients.

Protect critical areas in dental practices.

As well as PPE, the technology can be applied to a variety of other textiles and non-woven fabrics such as uniforms, curtains, bed sheets and liners, carpets and soft furnishings, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and re-transmission of Coronavirus and a number of other viruses and bacteria, including strains of influenza and MRSA.

Staphylococcus aureus

In dentistry, MRSA is known to colonize the saliva and so considered as potentially infected material and often contains blood. The present case report is to create awareness about MRSA transmission, as well as infection prevention and control measures for dental practitioners.
It's resistence to antibitoics and many forms of surface treatment can make it increasingly difficult to keep the threat of infection at bay.
Tests performed on surfaces treated with Vira-X viroblock hygenizer saw a 100% reduction of Candida Auris.