Carers and assisted living

Infection Control and Biosecurity for Carers and the vulnerable.

The health and safety of care workers, support staff, volunteers and their patients has never been more important. Whether working in residential, homecare, palliative or community care, the use of effective PPE in these environments is critical to ensuring their safety.

Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) contamination and transmission. Use PPE treated with Vira-X viroblock hygenizer.

Vira-X viroblock hygenizer is a new technology that can be added in the laundry or to the manufacture of textiles and materials used in PPE to deactivate Coronavirus on contact. For those working in the care community it can be applied to PPE such as face masks, gloves, aprons, long sleeve gowns, visors and respirators. The technology is so adaptable it can also be applied to a wide variety of other critical environments to keep care workers safe, for example uniforms, curtains and bed linen, it can even be used in the production of carpets and soft furnishings.

It is equally effective in deactiviating a number of other viruses and bacteria, including strains of influenza and MRSA. Wearing PPE, uniforms or clothing made with fabric or materials treated with Vira-X viroblock hygenizer reduces the risk of contamination and transmission of Coronavirus, significantly improving the safety of care workers and those in their care.

Candida Auris

Candida auris is a fungus that resists common antibiotics and can cause deadly infections, particularly in vulnerable populations like the elderly. Basic precautionary measures, however, can help to prevent nursing home infections.
C. auris is a global phenomenon and part of a growing class of fungi that resist traditional antibiotics. Researchers partially blame the overprescription of antibiotics, as well as an increase in farms using antibiotics in animals like chickens. The super fungus is suspected to have arrived in the U.S. four years ago. Shockingly, about half of the 800 patients infected with C. auris died within 90 days.
Tests performed on surfaces treated with Vira-X viroblock hygenizer saw a 100% reduction of Candida Auris.