Our mission

Swiss Bio Group aims to establish the very peak of excellence in PPE. As Official partners to HeiQ we're bringing the most advanced anti-viral and anti-microbial technology to the industry. With solutions that ideal for doctors, nurses, carers, dentists, key workers delivery workers, shop workers, receptionists and all those on the frontline requiring effective personal protection from the Coronavirus.

With years of experience in the Healthcare industry, Swiss Bio Group is perfectly positioned to deliver reliable PPE services when you need it most.

The antimicrobial efficacy of Vira-X viroblock hygenizer has no detrimental effect of Viroblock on skin, fabrics or common surfaces.


Knowledge is power.

Ongoing relationships with key practisioners in the field and growing connections with leading research centers keep us at the forefront of technology. Keeping our customers 1 step ahead of the wave of viruses predicted to affect our world.

Industry leading standards.

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Switzerland and Germany. Each leading nations for manufacturing excellence and assured quality. By refining our processes we're constantly aiming to deliver safer, more effective solutions to you.


World class support.

Things have changed quickly during the Covid-2 pandemic. With supply lines effected and key information hard to come by. Our international partnerships keep our customers protected from supply shortages and false information.