Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer provides textiles used to make PPE and other protective equipment with effective protection against contamination and transmission of viruses and bacteria, including the human Coronavirus.

A combination of two leading HeiQ technologies:

  • The unique HeiQ registered silver technology kills both bacteria, fungal spores and viruses, and inhibits replication.
  • HeiQ vesicle technology targets lipid-enveloped viruses providing rapid virus destruction.
The technologies are synergistic: the silver gives the baseline performance, while the vesicle acts as a booster.

Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer – silver component

  • Small silver particles are potent antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agents due to high surface area to volume ratio and unique chemical and physical properties [Galdiero 2011]
  • Small silver particles are effective against viruses, effectively eliminating them following short exposure of isolated viruses to silver [Galdiero 2011]
  • Silver interacts with the sulphur-bearing moieties of viruses and can form complexes with electron-donor groups leading to inhibition of post-entry stages of infection through blocking of viral proteins
  • HeiQ small silver particles contribute to a broad spectrum of anti-viral mechanisms that are not prone to inducing resistance
  • The silver stays active for 100 washes at 30°C

Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer – vesicle component

Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer vesicle technology functions by directly targeting the lipid envelope (membrane) surrounding the virus
  • The vesicle structures rapidly deplete cholesterol from the viral envelope exposing and destroying the virus
  • The vesicles destroy the viruses through a physical contact mechanism in seconds
  • The vesicle remains active for 3-5 washes at 30°C
  • reapplication of vira-x hygenizer maintains effective protection, active up to a further 3-5 washes at 30°C

Scientific testing

The anti-viral efficacy of Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer has been proven with an extensive series of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) tests performed by Microbiotest (the accredited division of Microbac Laboratories) against a broad set of viruses.

Swiss Bio Group Ltd will make the single test reports available, subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

The product has also been specifically tested against SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus that causes Covid-19. It has previously been shown that the membrane (pericapsis) of all Coronaviruses is very similar and is destroyed by the same mode of action [Li 2020].

Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer complies with anti-viral efficacy test ISO 18184 and bacteriostatic efficacy test ISO 20743. Other test results are highly favourable, and are summarised opposite.

Test Results
Aerosol challenge test: ASTM F2101 Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer NPJ03 (Viroblock) treated FFP2 mask shows dramatically (>10 times) improved reduction in virus infectivity 1
Effective against key virus types: Coronavirus, H1N1, H5N1, H7N9, and RSV 1
Misting spray contact test: AATCC 100 Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer-treated fabric shows dramatically improved reduction (>100 times) in virus infectivity over a 3-hour period 2
Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer-treated FFP2 mask shows dramatically (>100 times) improved reduction in virus infectivity (mist contact) 2
Face mask performance comparison FFP3 masks have a higher resistance to breathing than FFP2 masks leading to higher metabolic cost. Higher resistance can lead to greater fatigue and exertion for prolonged periods of mask wearing 3,4
FFP2 mask material treated with Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer showed similar virus reduction to FFP3 mask material 1
Masks treated with Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer provide significantly greater protection against surface contamination of the mask material 2
Droplet breakthrough Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer treatment enhances the level of virus protection for masks by >10 times
Human patch test Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer is skin safe
1 Viroblock, Aerosol study 798-121; 2 Viroblock, Misting study 798-126; 3 Roberge RJ et al. Ann Occupation Hygiene. 2012;56(1):102–112; 4 Senić, Ž et al. 4th International Conference on Defensive Technologies, OTEH 2011, 2011 Oct 6-7th.

Regulations and labels

Vira-X Viroblock Hygenizer is thoroughly tested for safety, sustainability and environment.

  • Harmless to skin and body
  • Uses a minimum of active ingredient
  • Best in industry class
  • Contains a silver-based biocide which is registered in the EU
  • Product and actives compliant with EU BPR, EU REACH, US FIFRA, JP METI, JP SEK, CN IECSC, TK BPR, Bluesign approved and OEKO-TEX® conforms
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